A Boutique Shop for “Staffing Up”

Although our IT Managing Director, Windham Pridgen, and I were excited to share our thoughts in Georgia Trend’s September story, “Staffing Up,” we were only able to scratch the surface on the “turning tide” of employment. In the article, we discussed the idea of “trying before you buy” by using temporary workers, and I’d like to dive a bit deeper here.

ExecuSource has had the pleasure of helping hundreds of companies find the perfect employee by starting with a temporary worker. In some cases, temporary help was truly what they needed and in others, the temp ended up fulfilling a long-term need.

At ExecuSource, we’re a slightly smaller shop. While big enough to help large corporations, we run our business like a specialty store. Our clients come in and, because of our relationship, I know exactly who would be the perfect fit for their culture and size. It’s as if someone walks into our specialty store and said, “Frank, I’m going to a wedding, what should I wear?” I know our clients so well, I not only know what will help them to look their best, I also know what type of service they enjoy.

Larger staffing agencies do great work. They serve much as the department stores of staffing agencies – companies can go in and have a variety of options, although sometimes the experience can be overwhelming and impersonal (or anonymous?).

Since we know the market – and our clients – we’ve had a lot of success placing talented workers with new and exciting companies. In today’s turning tide of decreasing unemployment, Atlanta’s IT and financial industries are heating up, and it’s important to them that these companies not only have the right talent, but that they have the right talent now.

Startups at the Atlanta Tech Village could earn financing at any point, so it’s important for staffing agencies to be prepared for this surge. As I mentioned in the Georgia Trend piece, even though summer is a historically slow period for staffing agencies, six of our workers were hired in a single week. ExecuSource prides itself on recruiting the most in-demand talent, and we work hard to always keep our inventory levels full.

Summer is coming to a close, however, and just with as the new trends are coming to specialty stores, we’re constantly on the lookout for new trends and new talent for our clients. So whether you are hiring or looking for temp work or direct hire, submit a resume today and help us make our clients look their best.

Frank_Green_ExecusourceFrank Green