Client Stories

Our influential recruiters have a combined 60 years of success working with more than 200 brands in the Atlanta area. We’re a trusted leader in human capital management among mid-size and billion dollar companies. For over 15 years, companies have benefitted from our ability to tackle any business objective – quickly and aggressively.


A well-known international luxury car company’s North American office faced challenges when looking to hire a qualified compensation & benefits manager with significant international exposure. As a client who’s worked with ExecuSource successfully in the past, Heath knew that he could depend on the firm to secure the talent needed and enlisted it’s assistance from the very beginning. After thorough review of the position during a number of calibration meetings to gain full perspective of the intricate needs, ExecuSource was able to target individuals with the qualifications above and beyond what was required.

“Frank and the team really took the time to fully understand the ideal profile we were looking for which ultimately led to a rather efficient search process,” said Heath. “I believe this took an inordinate amount of screening on their part to identify candidates not only with the qualifications, but the right motivation and ‘fit’ to be successful in our organization.”

Additionally, the immediate need was fulfilled with quick on-boarding, preserving resources and preventing the need for external support. “In summary my experience in working with ExecuSource has been extremely positive. The feedback I received from the acquired candidate about ExecuSource is that they were very open and honest, knowledgeable about the company and role, professional, courteous and a pleasure to be represented. These sentiments are consistent with my experience, and suffice to say I will be doing more business with ExecuSource in the future.”

G. Reilly

With a need to fulfill the roles of a recruiting manager in a new market, as well as account managers and implementation specialists, Geri’s firm faced the challenge of entering a new environment with no resources for talent. When a trusted source from Boston referred Frank Green and his team based on a separate long-standing relationship, the firm turned to ExecuSource to assist weeding through the new, foreign market in Atlanta to find the ideal candidate.

“Frank is a pleasure to work with. He takes the time to get to know what we are looking for and he understands the culture, as well as the job requirements. He does not waste our time by giving us resumes for the sake of demonstrating activity,” says Geri. “He was a great resource when we had a spike in hiring and gave us quality candidates to choose from. I would not hesitate to use him and ExecuSource again.”

Since the initial placement, ExecuSource has also assisted in a high-volume hiring initiative for implementation associates with quick on-boarding. The feeling of mutual trust between ExecuSource and the firm deepened as open dialogue about the candidates presented began, which Frank and the team used to refine search methods until the perfect candidate was located. “Frank is a quality recruiter! ExecuSource is one of the very few agencies that I trust and respect. I would strongly recommend it to anyone that was considering using their services.”