Putting the “Extra” in Extraordinary

Putting the “Extra” in Extraordinary

Finding the right job is hard no matter what. Finding the ideal candidate sometimes feels impossible.  Introducing The Hire: a job-based reality show where quirky candidates and unimpressed judges meet, proving exactly why you need to keep doing you.

This week, the overexcited Ken Dahl took center stage in front of three potential employers. While Ken’s exuberant personality did end up landing him a job, there were a few concerning parts to his interview. If only Ken had used ExecuSource …

Here are our takeaways from the first episode of The Hire:

Let your experience speak for itself

Unfortunately, overselling can come across as desperate and self-centered. Let your resume speak for itself. Provide your interviewer with your concise, effective responses that speak true to your professional experience.

What to bring to an interview

While it’s important to be prepared, you don’t want to bombard your potential employer / the interviewer with collateral. For each interview, you should bring your resume and portfolio with a few examples of your work, if applicable. In Ken’s case, bringing his class rankings and an addendum to his 7th grade computer teacher’s recommendation is extremely excessive.

Know what you want

Before an interview, it’s important to understand exactly what you hope to get out of the position. When leveraging potential offers, having the knowledge to negotiate salary or benefits is a key. You want to make sure you’re focusing on the best opportunities available.

You shouldn’t oversell yourself at a job interview, and you definitely should not give your interviewer your life’s work. That’s where ExecuSource comes in. Our skilled recruiters are dedicated to finding the right solution for clients and providing a rewarding experience for candidates. We’re here to help “You Do You.” Whether you are a client or a candidate, we want you to do what you do best and let ExecuSource do the rest.