ExecuSource is excited to announce our new Consultant Referral Program! This program rewards you for connecting your friends and family on the job hunt with ExecuSource’s Finance, Accounting, Healthcare, IT, HR, Office Admin/Clerical, and other opportunities. READ REFERRAL PROGRAM RULES AND PROCESS

Referring Consultant's Information

Referred Candidate's Information

Please either upload the Candidate's resume or provide the Candidate's LinkedIn Profile link. At least one of these is required, but you may include both.

Referral Program Rules and Process

  • ExecuSource consultants in good standing and currently working active placements and former consultants in good standing, and candidates placed in direct hire positions may refer candidates or companies to ExecuSource.
  • Referred candidates must be in good standing and may not have applied within the past 5 months or be currently interviewing or working with ExecuSource.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals or referral rewards—just be sure you have the referred person’s permission!

Candidate Referrals

Upon satisfactory completion of either a 30-day period (for contract or contract-to-hire positions) or 90-day period (for direct hire positions)*:

  • Referring consultants will receive $150 for a contract or contract-to-hire placement, and $250 for a direct hire placement


Referred individuals must be placed within a 6-month period starting the date of referral for rewards to be distributed.

Client Referrals

Consultants who refer potential clients will receive the same reward rate detailed above for all candidates placed at that new client within 6 months. To make a client referral, email for further instructions.


*Does not include weekdays or holidays

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