Success Stories

To date, we’ve placed more than 5,000 job seekers in long-lasting careers, and not a week goes by that we don’t hear from professionals who have found the perfect job. Usually these folks are gushing with appreciation, enthusiasm and pride.

Markisha – Project Accountant, Brasfield & Gorrie

Markisha Gray is a project accountant seasoned in the construction industry, who struggled finding a position with a company that could utilize her industry knowledge. She turned to ExecuSource to speed up her job search process and was placed with a construction firm in a collaborative environment where she continues to learn and grow, build relationships and enjoy added organizational incentives.

“I am so happy with ExecuSource’s service, my recruiter literally took the pain out of job searching and all I had to do was show my personality and experience. ExecuSource handled the rest. Thanks Again. I am beyond excited in my new role.”

Today, Markisha works with one of the nation’s largest privately held construction firms.

Senell – Accounting Assistant, (company not listed)

As she searched for job opportunities in accounting, Senell Young encountered difficulties finding interviews for the kinds of opportunities she desired. She heard about ExecuSource from a friend who was thrilled in her own placement by the firm, and immediately submitted her resume.

“When I began working with ExecuSource, Tara and Michael got to know me on a personal level. I was honest with them about my interests and they took my personality into consideration. The company I work for now is a great culture fit for me.”

Senell’s new career is in accounting assistance at a Fortune 500 company.

Justin – Financial Analyst, NCDR, LLC

While working and going to graduate school full time, Justin desired a new career that would challenge him and provide growth opportunities. He decided to engage ExecuSource as he had no extra time on his hands to search for jobs.

“I had a really good experience working with ExecuSource. The entire team was extremely friendly, patient and hard working. I was prepared with the right tools, and the process was extremely efficient and effective.”

Justin now works with a business support organization servicing some of the nation’s leading dental practices where he faces new challenges everyday in finance.

Tashia – Mortgage Loan Processor, Equity Loans, LLC

After being laid off during the summer of 2013, Tashia struggled to find a rewarding job that would utilize her experience and challenge her professionally. She previously worked a number of years as a mortgage loan processer and came to ExecuSource to help her further her career.

“My experience was awesome; everyone at ExecuSource was helpful and responsive. They provided me with the connection and information I needed to secure a great position with a growing company.”

Tashia is now working as a mortgage loan processor for a leading national mortgage lender.

Ledrew – Manager, Global Financial Settlement, Elavon, Inc.

In his previous position, Ledrew was unhappy with internal practices and craved an opportunity where he could leave his mark on the company. Once he made the decision to pursue a new career, he reached out to ExecuSource to get a feel for prospective employers.

“I was impressed with the quick results Tara was able to bring. Tara and Micheal prepared me for my interviews, both phone and in person, and always asked for feedback. I can appreciate agents that take the information I provide and apply it for future prospective employees. I have nothing but positive things to say about Tara, Michael, and Execusource as a whole.”

Today, as a manager in global financial settlements, Ledrew is already leaving his mark on his new company.

Sandy – Marketing Manager

A seasoned professional searching for a new career, Sandy’s biggest challenge in her job search was finding an opportunity that fit in line with her experience while fulfilling her responsibilities at her current position where her skillset was not being utilized. As an ExecuSource candidate, she worked with Tara, a senior recruiter who coordinated meetings and provided the necessary knowledge to help Sandy get her foot in the door for a position she had previously applied for on her own.

“Working with Tara was a wonderful experience, and I’m so thankful. She was very professional and responsive! Tara scheduled meetings quickly, and not only answered all of questions quickly, but with as much detail as available.”

Now, Sandy has a career she enjoys where she is able to put her experience to use in a growing industry with a company she loves for its positive, supportive leadership and internal culture.