The Five Types of People Every Successful Startup Needs



In a world where tech and IT startups sprout up by the thousand overnight, how do you ensure your company will become one of the few that succeeds?

That’s the million-dollar question.

You have the winning idea, the financial backing to make that idea a reality, and the entrepreneurial drive leading your business to success, but who do you enlist to help make your company one of the startup champions? Answer: You need to have a strong team that lives and breathes the success of your product.

The recipe for building a resilient team, lies in finding these five people:

The Leader

Every successful business needs a leader who is capable of inspiring the team to reach that next major milestone and possesses the industry experience to guide them in making the tough business decisions that they will inevitably be faced with. They are key individuals who check their own pride at the door. They instead take pride in the success of their employees and possess the ability to create a fruitful work environment.

The Playmaker

One of the most valued roles, but usually the most underrated in the workplace. The playmaker handles the operations of your business: the nuts and bolts. They ensure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes so your sales and marketing teams can shine. You need a hardworking, detail-orientated champion to fill this role, who can stay on track with multiple projects at once and has a knack for organization.

The Advocate

Never discount the power of a marketing genius. This person not only knows the market, but will successfully navigate through the clutter to get your company the recognition it deserves. They need to work well with others and be able to take a unique, out-of-the-box approach to making the most of your marketing program. They truly live and breathe your company and inspire others to do the same.

The Developer

This is the person who will bring your idea to life. The genius and mastermind behind developing the product and making sure it works without issues. This person needs to be the jack of all trades. They need to be able to create the product, communicate its intricacies to the ‘common person’ and problem solve when something inevitably goes wrong. This person should be someone you have full confidence in placing all your trust in.

The Seller

This person knows the ins and outs of the company. They combine their natural sales savvy and street smarts to get your company the leads it needs to grow a successful business. You need someone who is a born communicator, pays close attention to detail and think quick on their feet. You can never have enough salespeople, but you need to make sure they can drive meaningful leads that will create lasting customers.