The Importance of Relationship-Driven Recruiting

The recruitment process can be hard, and many companies get put in situations where they need to make a hiring decision in a very short timeframe. It’s easy and quick to look directly at quantitative metrics, such as X and X, to determine the best candidate for a position. Numbers, however, are not everything. They don’t take key factors into consideration, including performance indicators and how well a candidate fits in to company culture. As a result, many corporations are finding value in relationship-driven recruiting – a fairly new trend for our industry, but one that ExecuSource has embraced throughout our 15-year history.



Relationship-driven recruiting hands control back over to the corporation by cutting out the high-stress and anxious feeling that often comes with hiring. First, when a recruitment firm has a personal, ongoing relationship with a corporation, they better understand the company’s core values, culture and business objectives.  Second, through networking and communicating with potential employees ahead of time, recruiters are able to track down exactly the type of talent a corporation is looking for. Recruiters will have a better idea of the candidate’s work ethic, personality and skills, and be capable of referring them to a position right when the opportunity arises.

While this process may take extra effort in the beginning, the benefits are far more worthwhile. First, the hiring process itself is often shorter, only being an average of 29 days for a referred candidate versus 39 or 45 days for candidates found on job boards and career sites. Relationship driven-recruiting also cuts down a corporation’s chances of high turnover and having to go through the process again. Statistics show that referred candidates have a retention rate of 45 percent after two years compared to 20 percent from job boards.

Ultimately, when it comes to recruiting, it’s important to invest in quality over quantity. By fostering relationships you are sure to find top talent that will take your company to the next level.

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Frank Green, President