The Truth about Online Job Applications

online job application


As a job seeker, you are more than likely implementing the “Spray and Pray” technique of career hunting.

You spend hours scouring the internet for jobs that could be a potential fit, and then submit your resume to each in hopes of landing the job. In simpler terms, you’re spraying your resume all over career sites and praying that you will receive at least one response. But, sadly, you never will.

The harsh reality: this method of job hunting is ineffective for many reasons. When applying for jobs online you can guarantee that at least 118 other applicants, on average, are applying for that same job and only about 20 percent of those applicants will get an interview. Meaning, you have a less than 1 percent chance of being one of the chosen ones.

Applying to jobs online is like playing a game, and learning how to play successfully can result in a career victory. Since most companies use a software that digitally combs through each resume, submitted virtually to their online database, for each job, you need to pepper your resume with just the right number of keywords to be noticed.

On the bottom of most online job applications or job descriptions, you will find keywords that relate to that specific opportunity. These are the words that you should try to weave into your resume. If the company doesn’t provide a cheat sheet of keywords, pull out actionable words that are related to your industry and strategically integrate them into your previous experience. Though, it’s important to remember to never misrepresent yourself on your resume. Never add keywords to your resume if they can’t be matched to a previous success.

Competition in the job market is increasing and less than 50 percent of online applications are seen by human eyes, so be thoughtful about each resume you submit and each job you apply for. One common mistake among job seekers is applying for jobs for which they aren’t qualified. Be realistic with yourself and put your best foot forward when applying for an opportunity online.

As an experienced staffing firm, we understand that finding the perfect job can turn into a full-time job, but our recruiters are here to help. Submit your resume to our online database, and increase your chances of landing your dream job!