Top 4 Sought After Tech Skills for 2014

We’ve mentioned before that if you’re looking for a job in IT, now is your opportunity- more than 18 percent of CIOs saying they plan to increase their IT staff this year! But what exactly are these companies looking for in new tech talent? Every year, a few top trends in technology dominate the work and potential workplace, and candidates need to make sure they posses these skills to stand out and land that desired job. To help, we’ve narrowed the focus down and have come up with a list of the Top 4 Sought-After Tech Skills for 2014. You’re welcome.

1. Big Data

  • 2014 is definitely the year of BIG data. With the amount of Internet users on the rise, the field is growing increasingly fast.  Companies are now realizing they need to find different ways to excavate data and determine business intelligence. Therefore, they have to work harder to meet this high demand causing big data jobs to pop up all over. To succeed in big data, however, it is important to remember that professionals need to be able to prove their mastery and a Hadoop certification is becoming the norm.

2. Mobile

  • mobileIn 2014, mobile is everywhere. Think about it, when is the last time you went more than an hour without looking at your phone? In fact, last year nearly 20 percent of all web traffic was from a mobile device- and that number is only going to grow. Currently experts list iOS development as the most sought after skill, with Andriod experience right behind. Businesses are going to continue to innovate and add mobile solutions this year and there is going to be a demand for candidates that know how to lead the development.

3. Web Development 

  • This year, the web development sector of IT is continuing to adapt and transition from closed systems and desktop to the web and in the process it is creating a high demand for jobs. Those jobs, however, require specific knowledge of web-based frameworks. Companies are looking for candidates who not only know frameworks including ASP, Java and Ruby, but also are experts in them. Those that are will be high demand prospects for 2014.

4. Security

  • IT security has always played an important role, but as companies continue to make the transition to the cloud and the risks of profile hacks remain high there is a critical need for IT security. Moreover, according to ComputerWorld, 21% of respondents said they are planning to hire for IT security in 2014.

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Windham Prigden, IT Managing Director