The “Basic” Candidate

For candidates, finding the right job is hard no matter what. For companies, finding the ideal candidate sometimes feels impossible. Welcome back to The Hire: a job-based reality show where quirky candidates and hard-to-please  judges meet, proving exactly why you need to keep doing you.

On this week’s episode of The Hire, the judges were tested with Kate Tea, a giddy millennial who wasn’t quite sure what position she was looking for. As the judges weighed her “savvy Instagram” skills with her refusal to work on the weekends, Kate Tea was able to secure a customer service position. Nevertheless, her interview revealed a few red flags. If Kate Tea had used ExecuSource, our recruiters would have helped her discover the perfect job and company suited for her goals, as well as fine-tune her “basic” resume …

Here are our takeaways from the second episode of The Hire:

Have a desired position in mind

While you may not always know exactly what career is a perfect fit, you should have a general idea of which positions would best suit your skill set and personality. During Kate Tea’s interview, she didn’t care which position she ended up with, she just didn’t want to work on the weekends. With most employers seeking a motivated candidate who hopes to make a positive impact at work, it’s important for candidates to have passion and enthusiasm for the job they’re interviewing for.

Understand the skills on your resume

When making a favorable first impression on employers, a succinct and honest resume is essential. When the judges asked Kate Tea to expand on her experience with technology, she explained she was actually well-versed in Snapchat and Youtube, rather Microsoft and Adobe. To avoid confusing your potential employer, it’s important that your resume is aligned with the position you’re applying for and lists all relevant skills.

As a job candidate, it’s important to understand what you want out of a potential career, just as it’s necessary to highlight your best skills on your resume and in your interview – which usually won’t include how many followers you have on Instagram. That’s where ExecuSource can help. Our team of skilled recruiters is dedicated to finding the perfect position for your direct-hire candidates, making sure their experience and personality is always matched correctly. We’re here to help “You Do You.” Whether you are a client or a candidate, we want you to do what you do best, and let ExecuSource do the rest.  Bookmark the permalink.

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