The“Different” and “Unique” Candidate

For candidates, finding the right job is hard no matter what. For companies, finding the ideal candidate sometimes feels impossible. Welcome back to The Hire: a job-based reality show where quirky candidates and hard-to-please judges meet, proving exactly why you need to keep doing you.

This week, Sullivan James danced his way into The Hire’s spotlight, bringing a bit of magic along with him. While the judges said they were ready for something different and unique, Sullivan’s interpretation of his skills and “worldly” experience is far from what the judges were looking for …

Here are our takeaways from the third episode of The Hire:

Understand the position for which you’re  interviewing 

During the job search, having a specific position in mind is a great tool for success, as long as candidates recognize the experience and skills needed for the role. Due to his experience “observing, challenging and chasing unique characters across the world,” Sullivan told the judges he was prepared to accept a Full Stack Developer position. While Ray was hoping to fill that specific role, he immediately realized Sullivan did not exactly understand what the position entails.

What to bring to an interview

Employers expect potential candidates to arrive prepared for an interview with a detailed resume, and oftentimes, examples of past work are encouraged. Unfortunately for Sullivan, a Rolodex filled with fictional Disney characters brings little value to an interview. While a recommendation letter from a previous boss or colleague could impress the judges, an official signature from Mickey Mouse carries no weight.

And of course, always avoid singing and dancing during an interview. For job candidates, showcasing your relevant skills and experiences during interviews is crucial. As an employer, you shouldn’t have to waste your time with Disney autograph books. That’s where ExecuSource comes in. Our skilled recruiters are dedicated to finding the right solution for clients and providing a rewarding experience for candidates. We’re here to help “You Do You.” Client or a candidate, we want you to do what you do best and let ExecuSource do the rest.  Bookmark the permalink.

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